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Sunday, 25 December 2011

54 'Friendship vs Love'


to spend this little time i have this evening, i had thinking of something that all people have.


last time i did have some conversation with my roommate about friends and love. we do have the same opinion.
or maybe we all have the same opinion about this matter. for sure!

I, YOU, THEY, WE, do have someone that we call as friends and someone do we call as a lover.

don't you know that sometimes this two little words can be equal in meaning, and sometimes it is totally different.

i have two situation that i want to share with you all.

  ein (1).    we have best friends, after a few years we had fall in love with this friends. can we be a
zwei (2).   we have a lover. after sometimes there is no more understanding between us. can we be
                  friends after clash???

both of this situation is totally different.
first, from friends change to lover.
second, from a lover change to friends.

for you, which one is possible to be happen???

i think from friends can change to lover. but rarely happen, from lover change to friends.

think of it! :)

here some nice quotes to be share


Sunday, 18 December 2011

53 'its the final countdown'

assalamualaikum und hallo!
wie gehts?

19 december 2011 9.07 am...i am typing new entry for bonnie. 'final' every semester, make me feel afraid, nervous sometimes no feeling hahaha sempoi... result every semester ada kekurangan. i really hope one day i can make a new record. ok for this semester i have three final paper. fuhhh alhamdulillah not too many.

electric power and machine

this three subject i really afraid of vibration. the class is not really effective. i am not blaming the lecturer. i know they had try their best to teach us. but the problem is  me. always play in class. just sometimes i did focus in class itupun maybe 80%. the class is three hours direct, only the 2 hours early i can focus, after 2 hours later i will lose my focus already, i did take my phone and online. such a rude student right...hahaha bila la nak berubah...

electric power and machine good subject with sempoi lecturer. every week we will get assignments and quizzes. guess what! we already collected 11th assignments with 10th quizzes. record! before this i didnt have this kind of experience. he always said if want to be an engineer, you need a lot of practice. nice quotes to be remember. :) by the way i like the way he teach us. and the way he give us lot of work. from that way at the same time we did study EPM secara tidak sengaja.  if not only when near test then only we study. EPM test very sempoi. open everything but cannot discuss. wahhh heaven. but the question is not as simple as we think. at least we can refer to books, assignments and quizzes that have been give by him. <3 EPM

digital no comment.

my final exam will start on 4th january 2012. followed by 5th january and 6th january is the last paper.

4th january 2012-vibration
5th january 2012-digital
6th january 2012-epm


Monday, 5 December 2011

52 'Projects'

being an engineering students sounds interesting but the fact is, complicated. we will play with too many projects that need to be handled within less than 4 months. quite tired sometimes but when it comes to the end we will feel happy with the results. for this semester i've got 5 projects that need to be done before end of this semester. those projects are :

  • sensor and instrumentationscope : gyro sensor (grouping)
  • plc and microcontroller > solve problems that had been faced by some companies around pekan, kuantan, johor and kerteh. (grouping)
  • digital > design numeric keypad that can enter ic number. (individual)
  • electrical power and machines > residential wiring. (individual)
  • electrical power and machines > consumer product motor circuit. (grouping)
one of these project already submitted and  i already get the grade. the one that i cancel. but yet got one left for electrical power and machines. consumer product motor circuit. our group had choose blender as our product to be research. what we need to do is open up all the components of the blender and see the motor circuit inside it. very interesting and i wish once we assemble it back it is still 'berputar'. ^.^

for plc and microcontroller, prof aziz said that we probably need to go to the company to help them in solving their problems. travel. hope that we get places near here, easy for a girl. ^.^

for digital. design design design. i did done some kind like this last semester but not exactly. i need to design again numeric keypad that can key in ic number. i already got the idea. but do know what i need to use to get the output. 12 number of output. hope discussion with friends can help.

i really hope i can get better pointer for this semester. insyaAllah.

ir jauhar said : 'engineer needs a lot of practice'