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Sunday, 29 April 2012


there is a reason for everything that happen in your life.
no need to regret anything.
go on and be strong with what Allah give to you.
don't forget to pray for the best.
Usaha, Tawakal, Redha.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

74 "Luqfiah Nisha"

just now my sister tag me in a photo, guess what photo? si comel.
i do really miss her.
this is her new look.
chinese look.

73 "Selamat Hari Lahir Ummi"

while typing this entry my winamp keep repeating "number one for me" song by maher zain.
i do miss ummi so much, since last mid semester break end.
27th April was ummi's birthday.
"Selamat Hari Lahir Ummi" you are the best ummi in the world. this entry just for you.
with lots of love from your daughter.

Ummi that loves
Ummi that cares
Ummi that helps
Ummi that worries
Ummi that's with me through it all
Ummi that raised me to be who and what i am
Ummi that encourages me
Ummi that work hards for me
Ummi that sacrifices
Ummi that is here only for me
Ummi that has lived all these years for me
Ummi that is surviving only for me
Ummi that is here
Ummi that is there, for, Ummi is everywhere
Ummi that is kind
Ummi that is warm-hearted
Ummi that is super-woman

love you always.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sunday, 22 April 2012

71 "Petua untuk wajah berseri"

1. amalkan membaca 'Ya Qawiyyu' (maksudnya wahai Yang Maha Kuat) setiap kali lepas memberi salam kedua, selepas solat.
2. jang cuci muka dengan cleanser pada waktu pagi kerana amalan ini akan menghilangkan seri wajah. seeloknya cuci muka sebelum tidur.
3. gunakan tiga jari tengah untuk menggosok muka sewaktu mencuci muka atau menempek moisturizer.
4. selawat 3 kali dan tiup ke atas bedak muka setiap kali sebelum berbedak dan berdoa "Ya Allah serikanlah wajahku agar yang memandang berasa senang denganku".
5. membaca doa bercermin "Ya Allah, sebagaimana kau cantikkan wajahku, maka perelokkanlah pekertiku".

selamat mencuba, insyaAllah. :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

70 "Fun Facts about Fashion"

clothes that are dry cleaned last longer.
False eyelashes were first invented for producer D.W. Griffith who wanted to enhance one of his actresses eyes in a 1916 film. the eyelashes are made out of human hair.
it is within the last 200 years that children have had their own distinct clothes. they used to just wear a smaller size of adult clothing.
an item of clothing is considered vintage if it dates back from 1920-1960. anything after this date is consider retro.
the skirt is the second oldest women's garment in history.
the use of perfume goes as are back as the Egyptian era, where they would use perfume in religious rituals.
before 1850 clothes were hand stitched by those that are wore them. clothes were not made for fashion, but rather for commodity.
in the 1500's fashion designers showed off their designs by making doll size clothing versions of their own fashions.
Egyptian women used to use henna to lighten their hair.
in Canada alone, each person creates about 7 kilograms of textile waste that fills our landfills.

Friday, 6 April 2012

69 "KungFu"

again i want to share my cooking with you all. here is the ingredients and steps on how to make Kung Fu - either kueh teow Kung Fu, bihun Kung Fu or Kung Fu fighter kihkihkih

1. main course : kueh teow, bihun, mee
2. garlic
3. onion
4. chili
5. carrot
6. cabbage
7. kailan
8. black pepper
9. corn flour
10. salt
11. chicken cube
12. eggs
13. chicken or meat

first of all, for the main course you need to mix it with eggs. then you fry it. done
for the soup, first you tumis garlic, onion...when the smell rises you add it chicken cube. then you add in chicken or meat that have been slice. after it already cooked, add in black pepper, with all the vegetable that you have. mix it well together then add in water. wait until it boil then you add in, corn flour that you already mix it with water. wait until these soup is boil. and ready to serve.

happy trying!

these are the results.

68 "PanCake"

have you all ever try to cook pancake by yourself?
i have done it myself and i feel satisfy with my own pancake. :) firstly i made a simple pancake, yesterday i did variety pancake that have its own flavor.

i want to share with you all the recipe even i know most of us already know how to make it. in malay we use to call it "lempeng".

here are the ingredients.
2 cups of plain flour.
1/2 cups of sugar. (it is option; depends on your sugar level that you like)
a bit salt.
2 eggs.
and flavor that you like, example chocolate powder.

here are the steps to make it.
1. first of all i recommend to you to beat the eggs until it become light and fluffy.
2. heat sugar with water until it become syrup.
3. add it in the eggs, wait until it a bit cold then u add the flour and salt.
4. mix them together, then add a flavor to it.
5. heat your pan with a bit of oil, and just pour using spoon so that u get an equal size of pancake.
6. then done, you can eat it with any syrup that you like, or honey.

happy trying!

here are mine pancake


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

67 "Take my heart"

SOKO - take my heart
such a lovely song

 the innocent voice singer

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

66 "Number one for me"

Ummi you are my beloved after Allah and Rasulullah.
i dedicate this song just for you.
i love you so much.

<3 <3 <3 number one for me from maher zain <3 <3 <3