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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

112 "It's OK"

Everything is OK, except me.
He is OK, except me.
She is OK, except me.
WHY I feel like this?
Because too much work? Too stress? Too Tension?

Everyday my day is full of you, siti situ sana sini you.
I'm happy when you always make joke.
I'm happy when you reply my text.
I'm happy when you answer my call.
I'm happy when you chat with me.

I feel sad when you didn't do one of the above.
If you can reply Miss/Mr T and Miss/Mr F why can't you reply me?
I didn't ask you to stay for 24 hours.
only a few seconds a day might be OK.
I know it is not that everyday you didn't find me, maybe only for this day.
But it seems that It's not OK for me.
Maybe It's OK for you.

Kenyataan "Kita akan merasa kehilangan seseorang itu bila dia sudah tiada".


Namee Roslan said...

mungkin kamu tengah stress dan penat. sabar ok. tarik nafas panjang2 btw suka entry ni. :) pandai kamu tulis.

Nor Hanis said...

ye penat and stress... work load yg byk... tq namee :P